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Three Myths About Multi-Room Music and How Dispelling Them Can Transform Your Life

There’s something about music that brings out our spirit. It moves us – both emotionally and physically. It can be euphoric, transformative. Music can help you wind down after a long day at work or get you ready for a night of partying with friends.

You walk into a cocktail party at a friend’s house as instrumental trance/hip-hop/electronic music wafts through the air, the styles changing as you move to different parts of the house.

You find yourself walking and swaying to the beat as you mingle with guests, who are doing the same. While people are needed for a party, it is music that brings a party to life.

We’ve said it before; music provides life’s soundtrack. With A.V.E. of Wisconsin Rapid’s multi-room audio systems, you can be the producer for the movie soundtrack that plays out inside and out of your own home each day with our multi-room music system.

Sure you have questions, concerns and beliefs about the idea. That complete audio systems are too expensive … there are easier DIY multi-room music options …

Well, here are some answers to why you should put these and other myths of complete multi-room music systems to rest. A.V.E. wants to make sure your whole home audio experience doesn’t resemble something of a bad movie (and equally as bad sound track)

1. Professional Systems Aren’t Affordable

Some professional-level and consumer multi-room music systems can be out of some people’s price range.

But that is where the benefit of having an experienced, professional guide in A.V.E. comes in.

We work with you to find a music system that accomplishes what you want, fits your home and – more importantly – is within your budget.

2. A DIY Multi-Room Setup is Simpler

Yes, there are a multitude of systems that are out there on the market.

It can be overwhelming to determine which system you want – let alone afford.

So you begin to think “how can I do this myself, with my current audio system and what the consumer products available to help me reach my goal?”

You purchase what you think you need after digging into internet forums, home A/V magazines and asking your tech-savvy friends and co-workers.

Eventually, after weekends of man-hours, sweat, wiring, and some well-placed verbal outbursts, you finally have a multi-room system rigged together that “works.”

However, you soon come to find its limitations, especially when you want add a new A/V product to your jury-rigged setup. You find yourself tied to your investment and more questions than simple answers.

Let A.V.E. answer your questions early-on to save you time, money and give you the experience you want now – and in the future.

3. Investing in a multi-room system can limit my future uses

Speaking of future, there is also common thought that if you go with a complete multi-room system from an A/V business, like A.V.E., that it can limit what you might wish to do in the future.

Audio system upgrades … limit your use of full home automation systems on the market, etc…

… False …

A.V.E. sets you and your home, garage, backyard up correctly, from the beginning.

We help you put together the right plan for right now and set you up for success and upgrade opportunities in the future.

We call it our Customer Care program. We know technology constantly changes. That’s why Audio video Environment’s 24/7/365 customer service separates us from the others. We choose to go above and beyond just installing impressive systems.

When choosing A.V.E. of Wisconsin Rapids, we make sure your experience will uplift you, leave you feeling satisfied and bring your home new life.

Ready to experience how A.V.E. multi-room audio systems can transform your daily life? Contact our experts today and make an appointment. Call 715.423.4800.