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Healthy Living Made Easy with Home Automation

No matter what time of year it may be, at some point, almost everyone has made a commitment to exercise more and take better care of their bodies. But when the time comes to actually use that gym membership, there are quite a few of us who can think of just about anything we’d rather do than throw a gym bag together and make the drive only to hurry up and wait for an elliptical machine or stationary bike to become available.

Thanks to advancements in home automation technology, your home can now be an even better place to work on your fitness and healthy eating habits. From wearable fitness trackers such as Fitbits and smartwatches to voice-activated video, audio, and home entertainment systems that can play a workout video or fitness routine on command, the possibilities to shape up in the comfort of your living room are endless.

Home Automation Lets You Track Your Fitness with Ease

Thanks to wearable fitness trackers, counting your steps and monitoring your sleep has never been so effortless. That’s because these devices are designed to make sure your health remains a top priority. Trackers like the Fitbit log your daily activities, monitor your heart rate, and store your information in the device’s dashboard so you can manage your activity level at all times of the day.

The Fitbit has a designated IFTTT (IF This Then That) channel, which allows the device to trigger other smart gadgets around the home, like your thermostat and ceiling fan, turning your living room into a full-blown fitness center. For example, you can program your home to cool itself once your heart rate crosses a given milestone.

Other wearable devices such as the Apple Watch and Samsung’s Gear Fit are also designed to sync with your home’s smart devices for total control.

Take Charge with Voice Activated Video and Audio Systems

Another way you can avoid the fitness center crowds and long wait times and still reap the same rewards is through home entertainment automation. You’re likely familiar with the many ways home automation can help with your entertaining needs, but what about your fitness regimen?

Televisions such as Samsung’s Smart TV and voice recognition remote controls like the Universal Remote give you the freedom to activate your video and audio systems at the sound of your voice to follow fitness demonstrations like yoga or Pilates in the comfort of your home at a time that works for your schedule.

Hands-free speakers like Amazon Echo also offer voice-activated music players so you can call up your favorite running playlist without ever leaving your treadmill.

Smart Kitchen Appliances Mean Smart Eating

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be stressful or time consuming. That’s because numerous companies have begun to automate their meal cookers and other appliances to simplify the culinary process and give you more free time outside of the kitchen.

Small appliances like the precision cooker from Anova are programmed to connect to Wi-Fi and include an LED display that keeps you informed of the current water temperature so that you can monitor your meal’s progress from any location.

Another smart kitchen gadget is the LG Smart Oven, which works alongside other automated devices like the Nest Learning Thermostat to automatically pre-heat your oven so that your meal is ready to be baked when you arrive home. It also has the ability to clean itself and has sensors to indicate whether the temperature or timer is set correctly. Best of all, this appliance programs itself based on the recipe you choose to use. Convenience features like this can help you curb unhealthy snacking and impulsive meal choices when hunger strikes.

In-Home Wellness Solutions Begin with A.V.E.

A.V.E. in Wisconsin Rapids is dedicated to providing our customers with an experience that transforms your life and puts you in total control of your home and the decisions that revolve around it.

If getting a head start on health is among your list of goals for the year ahead, give us a call to see how our home automation products can lead you in the right direction. Contact our experts today at 715.423.4800 to make a change in your life and home.