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Multi-Room Music

Imagine a system to cover every room.

Just as an orchestra plays in sync to create an incredible piece, your in-home music should be coordinated. As you stroll from the outside deck to the kitchen to the master bedroom, you’ll experience life-enriching music at every step. Or, play one music style in the family room and another in the bathroom. You’ll have access to internet streaming music services or your own playlists.

Our systems are incredibly easy to use, too. You control the tunes from your TV, smart device, or touch screen. Tap to select music. Tap to play. Tap to pause. Tap to adjust the volume. And, do it while enjoying the comfort of your favorite seat.

As far as looks, we’ll conceal gear as much as possible to keep your décor beautiful, offering wireless technology too.  Start deciding what rooms you want to fill with music, and we’ll help you coordinate a solution that sounds sooooo good.

smart phone with multi room music control
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