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Home Automation & Control

It’s convenient. It’s cool. Most of all, it’s comfortable.

Audio Video Environments provides smart home automation solutions that enhance daily life in so many ways. The perfect lighting, energy-efficient climate control, relaxing entertainment, and convenient management of safety systems. Plus, enjoy incredible room by room features.

Start with automating a single room; you can always add on to include the entire house.

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What is Home Automation?

Your home. Customized to your unique lifestyle.

We should all enjoy a home that knows us. A place where it’s easy to adjust the lighting, change the temperature, select music that fits your mood, and comfort your family. With Audio Video Environments, you’ll have smart solutions for your home that save energy, help increase the resale value of your home, increase security, and enhance your life.

We use Control4®, an advanced home automation platform that’s complex enough to control your home’s technology, yet it’s easy to use. Simply access your operating system from a remote control, a keypad, a smart device, or a cellphone. It’s the ultimate in convenience. Make your home the paradise you deserve.

Connect with an Audio Video Environments home automation specialist today: 715.423.4800.

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A bright idea that adds sophistication and convenience

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Your favorite music, stunning movies, easy-to-operate controls

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Safety & Security

Nothing feels as safe as complete control

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Climate Control

Enjoy comfort and energy savings during any season


Automated lighting helps you protect your home and family, increase energy efficiency, and add comfort like you’ve never experienced. Entertaining? Set the mood with a single press of a button. Hear a noise at night? Engulf your home in light. It’s all so easy.

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A bright idea.

You can instantly change the ambiance of a room, adding sophistication and convenience.

smart home lighting controls

You’re in control.

Raise or dim light levels. Turn lights on or off from anywhere.
All with just a click.

home automated lighting system

Welcome home.

Never drive up to a dark house again. Enjoy added security throughout your entire home.

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Climate Control

A comfortable space is a happy place. We’ll integrate Control4® with your existing HVAC system, giving you the control to change comfort settings instantly or have them activated on a regular schedule. It’s all about you adjusting your settings when and how much you want.

whole home automation controls

Your home is your castle.

And, your smart thermostat is the “magic wand” to make your space enchanting.

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Enjoy comfort and energy savings during all seasons. What a warm feeling!

home automation controls on ipad

Ultimate convenience.

Connect with our user-interface from a smart device any time, anywhere.

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Safety & Security

Who is at the front door? Is the back door locked? Did I hear the baby crying? You can integrate your security system into your daily life with a whole-home video system. Monitor every camera from any television or smart device. Let’s keep you safe.

man installing home security

At your fingertips.

Your lifestyle drives what security level and equipment you may need.

woman in wisconsin using home automation controls

See safety differently.

Video monitoring keeps you connected to your loved ones as well as your home.

control4 home automation main controls

Advanced technology.

Nothing is as user-friendly as this. And, nothing feels as safe as complete control.

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Providing the latest technology, picture quality and sound. Choose a single room (or choose them all) to be loaded with audio and video that impresses. One remote gives you the power to control your home theater and multi-room music options throughout your home. You can’t wait, can you?

home automation controls on tv

Don’t blink.

Your television will look so stunning and sound so clear that you’ll be glued to the screen.

group of wisconsin people in home theater

Be a crowd-pleaser.

Get ready for fun. Your next gathering will be the most memorable yet.

group of people watching wisconsin game in home theater

Easy-to-operate controls.

Your family will love the smooth functionality of your new equipment.

Products for Home Automation

  • Control4 enables complete, yet scalable smart home control. Start small with automated lighting, smart thermostats or home security. Go big with a cinema quality home theater system or bigger yet, with whole-home automation. The choice is yours!
  • Universal Remote Control offers an efficient, clutter-free way to control your lights, thermostat, video, music or security with a single device from your couch, bed or even back yard.
  • PSB Speakers are renowned by audiophiles across the globe for providing high-end quality sound at affordable prices. With a wide range of tower, bookshelf, in-wall and in-ceiling products, you can customize an exceptional audio quality experience throughout your home.
  • Roundsound speakers are music to your ears and candy for your eyes. The spherical speakers designed by Gallo Acoustics will elevate your listening experience while delivering contemporary style to match your taste in interior design.
  • Sonos speakers are the ideal choice for consumers looking for a wireless solution that delivers rich detailed sound throughout your home and maximizes flexibility for placement and scaling.
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