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upgrade your home with smart automation

Increase the Resale Value of Your House with Home Automation

Winter is a great time for ice fishing, snowmobiling, and skiing, but selling a home? In Wisconsin, not so much. With less inventory and fewer motivated buyers, completing a home sale between November and February can be challenging. Not only do listed homes remain on the market for a longer period of time, but they typically sell for less than the asking price.

However, this time of year often attracts more serious buyers, and customizing your listing with home automation can give your property the winning touches necessary to close a deal in the offseason.

A Smart Home Means a Smart Purchase

The early days of home automation were all about providing additional comfort and convenience with the press of a button. But automation has come a long way, and you can now control just about every feature of your home, including the brightness or dimness of your light fixtures, room temperature, security systems, and various entertainment components such as home theaters and multi-room music systems.

Much of the technology used in home automation systems is still relatively new to many households. Because of this, homes that integrate an automated system can expect a significant increase in market value when it comes time to appraise or list a home for sale.

These days, people lead increasingly busy lives and are looking for ways to make their routines and homes as efficient as possible. By automating your home to respond to your needs at the click of a button or the sound of your voice, you are offering potential buyers not just a roof over their heads, but a level of simplicity that many other homes on the market can’t compete with. From increasing convenience with automated coffee pots and curling irons, to promoting safety with voice-activated locks and surveillance cameras, it’s important to consider the features that not only make your home more efficient, but address concerns and fill a need for interested buyers.

Determine Your Target Buyer

When it comes to deciding on which automation features to include in your home, you should consider what is most appealing and sensible for you. But if you’re looking to impress potential buyers, you must also think about what your target buyers are hoping to find in their next home. According to a recent CNET study, 81% of homeowners who own smart home devices agree they would be more willing to buy a home that already has features installed.

You should also take into account the likely demographics of your target buyers. If you’re listing a two-bedroom home, consider your potential buyers to be singles or a couple with no more than one child. This may not seem like it matters much, but understanding your target buyers can help you determine what automation features make the most sense in your home. For example, families with small children may be more impressed with a home that boasts a smart security system, while singles or young couples may be more interested in a home theater or wireless speaker system for entertaining.

Add Value with the Right Features

When looking at automation systems for your home, be sure to include the ones that have the most potential to increase the value of your home. Typically, features that impress buyers are:

  • Lighting control systems – Prospects will likely find value in homes with automated indoor lights that can eliminate the hassle of manually controlling the brightness as they enter and exit a room. Additionally, motion-detecting lights in entryways and outside of the home can enhance safety and security at night or in times of low visibility.
  • Automated door locks – Removing the need to carry a spare key, this feature informs you of anyone who enters or exits your home. By automating your lock system, you can sleep easier at night knowing each door in your home is securely locked.
  • Home alarm systems – Installing an alarm system in your home can secure a deal as soundly as it does a home. In fact, around 50% of buyers report wanting a wireless security system in their next home, meaning your automation system can pack in quite a lot of market appeal when it comes time to impress house hunters.

What you also may not know is that you can lower your homeowner’s insurance by installing an automated security system in your home. The amount varies depending on your insurance company, but you may earn up to 20% off your premium by having a monitor system installed.

Not only does an automated security system protect you against theft and home invasions, but it also safeguards you against fire or flood damage. Built-in flood sensors, carbon monoxide monitors, and smoke detectors can ensure you that your home and family are safe in case of emergency.

Even if you’re not looking to list your property on the market, automating your home is a great way to boost value. Future buyers will appreciate the features and are more likely to keep your home in mind when it comes time to make an offer.

Based out of Wisconsin Rapids and serving the Central Wisconsin area, A.V.E. provides home automation solutions to increase the comfort and convenience of your home.

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