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How Multi-Room Music Creates a Soundtrack for Your Life

What if your life was a movie? What kind of music would be in the soundtrack?

Maybe you’d pick hit songs from the era in which you grew up. Or, perhaps the musical style of your favorite band perfectly reflects your personality.

Music is everywhere. The truth is you really are creating a soundtrack to your life every day. From the radio station you choose on your morning commute, to your workout playlist, to the perfect album for a romantic dinner at home – you let music set the tone.

That’s why A.V.E. of Wisconsin Rapids specializes in setup and installation of multi-room music. This home entertainment technology puts you in control of the audio in every room, allowing you to create the right mood, at the right time, in the right place.

The possibilities for using multi-room music are practically endless. Here are just a few examples of how it creates a seamless musical experience in your home.

Music at the right volume in every room.

Let’s say you’re playing some music in the kitchen that the whole family wants to hear.

The kids are doing their homework in the living room and yell at you to “turn it up!” But, what’s loud enough for them to hear is now blaring in the kitchen. And, it only sounds like muffled noise to the person downstairs doing laundry.

With multi-room music, you can keep the tunes at an ideal level in every area. It will sound practically the same from one room to the next, almost like the music is following you!

Become the audio master of your home.

Multi-room music technology from A.V.E. feels like magic. You’ll be amazed by how easy our systems are to use.

Any smart device, like a phone or tablet, can be used to create and control the music in your home putting everything at your fingertips. Multi-room music integrates with streaming music services like Pandora and Spotify, or you can access your own digital playlists.

Just tap to play, tap to pause, and slide to adjust the volume in different parts of the house. If you like being the designated D.J., you’re going to love multi-room music from A.V.E.!

Multi-room music also connects to your television, allowing you to control it with a universal remote while you continue relaxing.

Create the perfect party atmosphere.

Want to impress your guests at the next big get-together? Multi-room music will blow their minds and enhance the party in many ways. With a system from A.V.E. installed in your home, you can create a unique musical environment in each room.

For example, keep things classy with jazz standards in the kitchen where people are sipping on glasses of wine. Blast some classic rock in the basement rec room. Put on music guests can dance to outside on the patio. Let your kids listen to their favorite playlists up in their bedrooms. You can even play soothing nature sounds for your guests in the bathroom.

Whole home audio from A.V.E. means more than music. You can control the audio from your television too. That way you can have the audio from the game on in different rooms, or make sure people don’t miss important movie plot points if they go to the kitchen for more popcorn.

Make music a family experience again.

Listening to music used to be a shared experience. However, we seemed to have lost that along the way.

Once upon a time, the family would gather around the fireplace or the piano and sing along together. In the ‘40s and ‘50s, families would turn on the radio every night to hear musical variety shows being broadcast coast to coast.

Today, we all have our personal music preferences, we all have devices with our own playlists, and we all have earbuds to shut out the rest of the world.

Multi-room music from A.V.E. has the potential to bring your family together. Consider having family music nights. Why not use those smartphones and tablets to share new music with each other? Find out what your kids think is cool. Then show them the kinds of music you like. Fill your house with everyone’s music!

You may not enjoy everything you hear, and neither will they, but you might be surprised at how much you actually have in common.

Why DIY when you can A.V.E.?

In the typical home, you might find an old stereo system set up in the family room, a CD player/radio sitting on the kitchen counter, and a gigantic boombox from the ‘80s gathering dust in the basement.

If that sounds painfully familiar, it’s time to bring your home audio experience into the future with multi-room music.

You could try and DIY your home audio, cobbling things together like the poor sap in our video below. But, you probably want to leave it to the experts.

That’s where A.V.E. in Wisconsin Rapids comes in. We’ll come to your home, evaluate your needs, and then let you choose the rooms you want to fill with music. We’ll do a great job hiding the gear. Wireless technology and skilled installation techs ensure multi-room music won’t mess with your home’s décor.

Ready to create the soundtrack for your life in your home? Contact the experts at A.V.E. today and make an appointment. Call 715.423.4800.