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4 Reasons Why True Music Lovers Need Multi-Room Music

Is your finger on the pulse of the music world? Do your friends call you a music snob? Are you the person who’s always recommending the next up-and-coming artist?

You’re the one who listened to that band getting all the buzz before they were cool, right?

If you’re really such a music lover, you’ll want multi-room music from A.V.E. in Wisconsin Rapids set up in your home. It will take your mastery of music to an entirely new level.

Here’s how …

1. Multi-Room Music is Perfect for Big Parties and Private Moments

One of the best features of multi-room music is the ability to simultaneously play different songs in different areas of your house. This is an excellent way to create a unique musical experience when you have a party, because every music lover knows you can’t throw a good party without some good tunes.

You can choose an artist for each room, or pick one genre of music for the kitchen, another for the living room, and yet another for outside on the patio. Trust us. Your guests will be impressed.

Of course, there are also benefits to having access to multi-room music when you’re alone.

Feel like playing some air guitar and rocking out in front of your bedroom mirror? Just pick up your mobile phone and use multi-room music to choose a song.

Had a rough day at work? Drown your sorrows in some blues and a beverage at the kitchen table as soon as you get home.

You can even set up multi-room music so you can sing along to a playlist of your top songs in the shower (just don’t bring your smartphone in there with you).

2. Take Control of Your Impressive Music Collection

Music lovers like you want to be the masters of all the albums they own. Once you’ve got those mp3s organized, you can access every song using our convenient app.

With multi-room music from A.V.E and your impressive collection combined, you become the ultimate DJ. You’ll feel like a mad scientist of music or the conductor of an orchestra that can play practically any style you can imagine.

You’ll have so much control; it will be almost like you’ve transformed into some sort of god of music!

3. Share Your Good Taste in Music with Just a Tap

Music lovers like you are always eager to connect your friends with bands and musicians you think they’ll like. Multi-room music makes that easier.

Our system can be controlled with a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet. That means you’ll be able to access your entire, digitized music collection with a tap. Then tap to play, tap to pause, tap to select the next track, and tap to adjust the volume.

You can also control multi-room music with your television. Display album art on the big screen while you kick back in your comfy recliner.

4. Get All Your Favorite Music in Every Room

When someone appreciates music as much as you do, having speakers pumping tunes throughout your entire house will be a dream come true.

Using multi-room music – as opposed to separate electronic devices – is like having climate control with central air instead of air conditioners hanging out of windows in different rooms of your house.

Wherever you go in your home, you’ll have the perfect musical climate.

Why DIY When You Can A.V.E.?

Now … you still have to make all of this a reality. Thankfully, that’s easy, too.

Don’t worry about setting all this up yourself. Let the experts at A.V.E. in Wisconsin Rapids come to your home and install everything for you. Just pick the rooms you want to fill with music, and we’ll make it happen.

Call us today at 715-423-4800! We can also help you with other types of in-home automation, from universal remotes and home theater systems to home security and climate control.