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How to Create the Perfect Playlists for Every Room in Your House

For many, music helps us get through the day. From the moment you wake up until your head finally hits the pillow, the songs you love can cheer you up, keep you going, and help you calm down.

With multi-room music from A.V.E. installed in your home, you have total control of the tunes. Pick an album for your morning routine, choose songs for a romantic dinner, or put together an awesome party playlist. Your favorite music is everywhere!

You can even pick the perfect songs for the things you do in each room of your house. We scoured the internet for suggestions and found some great ideas for what you can play throughout the day.

In the Shower: Music to Start Your Morning

Waking up is hard to do. Multi-room music from A.V.E. in Wisconsin Rapids can help you avoid feeling like you got up on the wrong side of the bed.

Grab your smartphone off the nightstand and use our mobile app to pick a song that gets you out from under the covers. Then head to the shower. Multi-room music lets you take the tunes with you!

Music that boosts your mood is best for showering, and you’ll find a lot of that in this playlist of Shower Songs from Spotify actually did some research and says its users have made more than 39,000 playlists named “Shower.”

The most-popular shower songs on Spotify include “Baby Love” by the Supremes, “Sweet Caroline” from Neil Diamond, and fittingly – “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” by Wham!

You’ll notice that a lot of these songs are fun to sing along with, and who doesn’t love singing in the shower? Go ahead – grab that shampoo bottle and pretend it’s a microphone!

In the Exercise Room: Music for Working Out

Now that you’re in a good mood, it’s time to stretch and get on that treadmill or stationary bike. If you’ve got a home gym, you probably already use music to motivate you.

Thanks to multi-room music, you don’t have to burn a CD to hear your favorite songs while you burn calories. You can access your entire digital music collection from anywhere in the house with the touch of a button.

Getting tired of the same old workout mix? Fitness magazine has a list of “100 Top Workout Songs,” which are broken down by genre.

Are you a classic rock fan? Play “Eye of the Tiger” from the Rocky III soundtrack and Queen’s “We Will Rock You.” Looking for hip-hop? Let Snoop Dogg motivate you with “Wiggle,” or go old-school with “Jump Around” from House of Pain.

If your morning exercise routine includes more peaceful activities, like yoga or tai chi, Fitness suggests some relaxing cool down songs, too.

In the Home Office: Music to Get Things Done

More and more of us are working from home these days. However, anyone who actually does work remotely knows it’s a lot trickier than it sounds.

Try being productive when the lawn needs to be mowed. Try focusing on that spreadsheet when there’s laundry to fold. Try answering emails when there’s leftover pizza calling your name from the fridge. It’s pretty tough.

The right music will help. In fact, there are studies indicating music can boost productivity and creativity. Gregory Ciotti recently wrote about the neuroscience behind music and work on Medium. Lyrics can be distracting. So Ciotti recommends ambient music like electronica or classical. There’s research showing Mozart compositions have a positive cognitive effect.

If that’s not your thing, Ciotti suggests sticking to music you’re familiar with because your mind will be less inclined to be listening for what’s coming next. also has a list of recommended songs for getting work done. The tracks are already broken down into Spotify playlists for you.

In the Kitchen: Music for Cooking

Cooking is an art. So it makes sense that another art form lends itself well to time spent in the kitchen. The right song can turn the task of making dinner from a chore into an enjoyable experience.

Turn on The Godfather soundtrack while you make pasta. Listen to some spicy Latin beats while you prepare Mexican food for the family on Taco Tuesday. Play polka music while you boil some Polish sausage. You get the idea!

With multi-room music, you can build playlists that inspire you to be a master chef. actually asked five top chefs what they listen to while cooking and got some great suggestions.

Get even more ideas from “The Ultimate Cooking Playlist” on

In the Dining Room: Music for Eating

Multi-room music can complement dinnertime in the same way you pair a fine wine with your meal.

If you’re throwing a dinner party, Real Simple magazine suggests timeless music from artists like Frank Sinatra and Sting. Remember, the key is to enhance the eating experience. Your dinner party playlist should allow for conversation, but it can also be a conversation-starter. hosted its own party and crowd-sourced suggestions from people on the East Coast and West Coast. You can check out two playlists, one from New Yorkers and one from San Franciscan diners.

When dinner is a more intimate occasion, and romance is on the menu, you may want something entirely different. provides a great place to start.

In the Bedroom: Music for Sleeping

You’ve made it! It’s the end of the day. Time to hit the hay.

Winding down at a reasonable hour can sometimes be a challenge, but the right music could be just the ticket if you want to stop tossing and turning all night. With multi-room music from A.V.E., you can set the volume to the perfect level and just drift away.

There’s a good reason parents sing lullabies to babies. Music really can help you relax and fall asleep. The experts from the National Sleep Foundation say bedtime music can even help some people with serious sleep disorders. Visit for more about music’s impact on sleep quality.

Peaceful, atmospheric music with nature sounds should help you get that shuteye. We also found a fun sleeping playlist on featuring more recognizable music. It includes artists like Arcade Fire, John Mayer, and Wisconsin’s own Bon Iver.

Getting Multi-Room Music is Easy!

By now, you probably have a bunch of your own ideas for playlists you can use in different rooms. But, it just won’t be the same without the benefits of multi-room music in your home.

There’s so much you can do! For instance, you can play different songs in different areas of the house at the same time, or play the same music in every room. You can control the music from the comfort of the couch using your television. You can even integrate multi-room music with popular online streaming services like Spotify and Pandora.

Having multi-room music set up in your home is easy thanks to the audio and video experts at A.V.E. in Wisconsin Rapids. Whether you live in or around Stevens Point, Marshfield, or Wausau, if you want to learn more about multi-room music or any of our other home entertainment solutions, contact us today!

Call 715.423.4800 and schedule an appointment for a free in-home consultation.