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Universal Remote puts you in control.

There are few things in life you can actually control. Your dog? Maybe. Work? Not as much as you’d like. Kids? Ha! Even Wisconsin winters can challenge how much control you have over your car (tip: slow down). Yet, when it comes to your home … your castle … you can have complete control.

And, it can start in your living room with a Universal Remote. This advanced piece of technology puts power in your hand, makes life less complicated, cuts the clutter, and is surprisingly affordable. With a Universal Remote, complete entertainment from multiple devices is one simple touch away. That’s control.

5 reasons to get Universal Remote from A.V.E.

1. End The Clutter—A mess of remotes lying around takes up space on your coffee table that should be used for … well, coffee, or another tasty beverage. And, if you misplace one of those remotes, you have to send out a search party (which isn’t really a party at all).

2. Create Convenience—Control it all from one remote. Complete entertainment from multiple devices is one simple touch away. Less frustration and more enjoyment.

3. Hassle-Free—Throw away the pages of instructions and make it easy on house guests. Learning the functionality of one remote control is way easier than three or four or more.

4. Professional Installation—Forget trying to program a store-bought remote. Let our expert technicians set it all up so you can enjoy the benefits without the frustration.

5. Local Expertise—Audio Video Environments (A.V.E.), proudly based in Wisconsin Rapids, knows advanced technology: home theater design, multi-room music, home automation, and security. Plus, you get attentive customer service from your friends and neighbors.

Ready to take control with Universal Remote? Check out now or call a friendly A.V.E. sales rep at 715.423.4800.