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4 Reasons Why a Universal Remote is a Dad’s Best Friend

The television remote has been a “dad thing” since it first became a mainstay of modern society.

Dads love remotes. When your dad was in the living room, it was almost always in his hands. He’d lay back in the recliner that was his official chair and get to clicking.

We’ve come a long way since the early days of remote controls. Today, we have universal remotes, and they’re the perfect gadgets for fathers of all types. Here’s why …

1. The Hunter-Gatherer Mentality

Dads may be the ones to hold the remote simply because that’s the way we’re wired as human beings. Political correctness and gender neutral roles aside, dads may have biological reasons for commandeering the remote control.

In a hunter-gatherer society, the men and fathers were usually hunters while mothers and females in the tribe were typically gatherers. Not only was it this way in ancient times, but you’ll also find this division of labor in untouched people groups around the world today.

When a dad has the remote in his hand, he is leading a hunting expedition. He’s on the hunt for the perfect program to feed his family’s appetite for media consumption. You see, a remote control is the ideal tool for this pursuit. And a universal remote is the ultimate weapon.

2. A Universal Remote Gives Dad Total Control

If you’re a dad, you may have experienced the slow-but-sure takeover of your home. It starts soon after marriage. Things you used to hold dear to your heart, like that retro PBR sign, end up at Goodwill. Your man-cave becomes the playroom. In the most extreme cases, even the garage becomes filled with flower gardening supplies and tricycles.

But, when Dad gets to hold the remote, it’s a different story. Universal remotes give you ultimate control.

The universal remote control available from A.V.E. lets you be the master of all the media in your home. Operate the cable, Blu-Ray player, and surround sound with just one device. Plus, with A.V.E.’s universal remote, you can also adjust your whole home audio, turning the volume up and down in any room and creating the perfect environment for listening to music.

3. A Universal Remote Makes Dad’s Life a Little Easier

While it is true that dads love remote controls, they can also become a burden. This is especially true now that so many homes have multiple electronics that come with remotes. There could be more than a dozen of them in your home right now.

It can get awfully complicated, and the responsibility of operating all those remotes usually falls on the father. He’s the one called upon to set everything up, and he’s often the only one in the house who really knows how.

No dad wants to be covered with those things when he’s trying to relax. What’s even worse is when a remote gets lost and he has to go digging in the couch cushions trying to find the one he needs to get things working.

With a universal remote, things become simplified.

Dad can take care of everything without those annoying issues. Plus, if he has an A.V.E universal remote that gets temporarily misplaced, he can use a convenient smartphone app to keep things running smoothly in the meantime.

4. Universal Remotes Let Dad Pass on the Legacy

Back in the day, your dad probably had the remote in his hand most of the time. That’s exactly why it was so cool when he let you have control.

Dad allowing you to click through the channels was just like the time he let you have your first sip of beer or let you hold the steering wheel. You felt proud. You felt his approval. You felt like a grown up.

A.V.E. universal remotes are super easy to use. That means dads can teach their kids how to use them and pass the torch of remote control operation to the next generation. As a kid, it’s a pretty empowering feeling to be able to turn on your favorite superhero movie, get the surround sound booming, and do it all without asking anyone else for help.

If you’re a dad, showing kids how to use your universal remote is almost like passing on a family tradition.

So if you’re a dad who’s sick and tired of dealing with too many remotes, it’s time to make a change. It’s time to simplify your life and take control of the audio visual experience in your home.

If you’re ready – then give the friendly experts at A.V.E in Wisconsin Rapids a call at 715.423.4800. We’ll come to your place, set everything up, and send you on your way to “dad heaven.” This could also be an excellent gift for Father’s Day or the dad in your life’s upcoming birthday!

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